Todi Mills is a part of the 70 years old Todi Group which has diversified businesses across a variety of industries including real estate, investments, manufacturing activities like narrow width textiles, braids, cords, ropes, etc. Todi Mills is the leading manufacturer of Polyester Slings/Lashings in India.

Todi Mills is the first Indian company to have the prestigious ISI mark for its polyester 3 stand ropes as per IS no. Polyester IS 11066 – 2014, Polyamide IS 4572 – 2014.

At Todi Mills, the manufacturing unit has been enhanced to meet the ever-growing requirements of our customers including making custom-made products for our customers.

Todi Mills has an installed capacity of 200 tons per month for manufacturing Ropes / Braided ropes / Harness Webbings / Slings Webbings & Lashings / Slings. We also have a capacity to manufacture 1 lakh meters of Braided Cords and 20 meters of Tapes, Webbings, Lashings, and sling webbings.


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