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Coghlan’s Double Hammock

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  1. Recommended weight capacity not to exceed 350 lbs.
  2. Made of nylon and other materials
  3. Weighs only 1.75 lb.
  4. Length: 108″ (274.3 cm)
  5. Rope Length: 63″ (160 cm)

Handmade from nylon and other materials, this hammock is strong enough for two adults to lounge away the day. Portable and compact you can take this hammock along on almost any outing. This hammock is comfortable, yet rugged and durable for camping, at the cottage, or in the backyard.

  • Use with or without a sleeping bag
  • Also used for the above-ground camp storage or emergency stretcher.


Your Coghlan’s Double Hammock is made from fine nylon yarns and with the proper care, will give you many years of enjoyment.

  • Do not allow the use of your hammock around open flames or heat-producing items such as stoves, gas heaters, etc.
  • If washing is necessary, use cold water and mild detergent. Never use chlorine bleach or other chemicals.
  • If necessary to store hammock, do so in a dry area out of the weather. Remember that water will cause no harm to the hammock as long as it is able to dry off.
  • It is natural for the hammock bed to fade slightly if exposed to the sun. If the tie-end lines become frayed, please discard the hammock.


  • Tie up the hammock at a height that allows the user to straddle the hammock with both feet on the ground. Installation at greater heights may be dangerous.
  • Children under 18 should not use this hammock without adult supervision. This hammock should never be left unattended in an area frequented by small children.
  • Sharp instruments (knives, scissors, etc) and buttons on pockets can cause damage to the hammock. If the hammock is damaged, please discard it.
  • Inspect tie-end lines and ensure the hammock is securely knotted before each use. Do not secure the tie-end lines to sharp supports. If left in place, check tie-ends frequently.


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