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MotoTech Safetech Armour Insert – Level 2 – Back

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  1. Back protector inserts for the pocket with 10 large ventilation holes.
  2. Lightweight and flexible.
  3. Perfect as an upgrade to a CE approved back armor
  4. Made from ViscoFlex material (New soft, High-performance formula).
  5. Protection level: CE Level 2
  6. Definition of Level 2 protectors: Armor that allows up to 9 kN of force to be transmitted can attain a Level 2 protection (EN-1621-2 CE Level 2).
  7. Use: Internal Protection
  8. PU formula: Viscoflex
  9. Dimensions: Width – 30cm, Height – 42cm

Please Note: Kindly compare the dimensions of the armor (shown in extra images), with the armor of your current jacket before ordering. This will help you in understanding which of the Safetech armors to order and whether it would fit in your current jacket.


MotoTech in collaboration with Safetech offers a strong and durable solution towards the safety woes of riders. These armor inserts are lightweight and flexible and assist in protecting your body parts to the optimum, while on two or more wheels. Made from VISCOFlex, a special polyurethane formula, the Safetech MotoTech armors are CE Approved and are ideal for Back.

VISCO Flex prevents trauma to the human body through three methods:

  • Shock Absorption: Material absorbs impact energy through phase change (hardening).
  • Shock Delay: Material delays the transmittance of some shock to the human body over a longer period of time.
  • Dissipation: Impacts are dissipated over larger areas of the body.

Safetech is a dynamic company that manufactures safety protectors for the world of motor and bicycle sport, made of a special polyurethane formula. The use of nanotechnology in prototyping and innovation has to lead to the development of innovative and high-quality protection solutions.


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